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Path of Exile introduced with numerous other items

I think the first sort statement of "buffs to come" gave a little bit of false hope in those regards.

This patch were built with a massive amount of recent content the ones are completely glossing over that fact, using the huge atlas rework, monster density changes, new monster types in maps, etc.

And a new league mechanic being POE Trade introduced with plenty of other items, people aren't considering how those new elder/shaper/abyss backpacks are going to impact previously lacking builds or perhaps in conjunction with all the nerfs in the present patch notes.

I definitely think I am within the "wait and see" boat to obtain a feel of how those things make a direct effect before forming any opinions.

Thank you for that good work up to Cheap POE Currency now in getting us something shipped out for that holiday season!

So how come it seem using the nerfs lately that they appear to be concentrated around 1% of players rather than taking the interest with the rest in the 99% into account?

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