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m in pain; she felt like she underperformed;

Tottenham have told their Supporters Trust (THST) they are reconsidering plans to raise ticket prices next season. Spurs announced in January 2015 that season tickets for 2016-17 would see an average increase of less than 2 per cent, whilst freezing juniors and senior citizens tickets for a fourth successive year.But after Liverpool fans forced their owners to back down over increases by walking out of Anfield in their thousands last weekend, Spurs chairman Daniel Levy indicated to the THST this week that they had not yet made a decision on next seasons prices. In a positive, scheduled meeting with senior Spurs executives, the THST board also urged Levy to clarify the clubs position on a proposed countrywide price cap for away tickets, widely recommended at £30.Levy questioned the principle of prices being set centrally, asking for an example of another industry that did the same, and expressed concern that a home ticket price cap would be next on the agenda.The Spurs chairman also projected that a ceiling on ticket revenue would be very harmful to the clubs financial modelling of their new £400m stadium development at Northumberland Park.Levy did recognise that the cost of attending away matches was too high and he is in favour of heavily subsidising travel, which the club have done several times this season. Tottenham are in the early stages of their Northumberland Park development But Kat Law, co-chair of THST, told Sky Sports News HQ: Given the money flooding into the game, THST can see no justification for any price rise for home tickets at Tottenham next season.Fans bear enough of a financial burden without being asked to dig deeper still.THST also urges THFC to work with other Premier League clubs to finally agree on a mechanism that will deliver substantial savings to away fans in time for next season.Spurs head coach Mauricio Pochettino was asked about the ongoing ticketing issue in his pre-match news conference ahead Super Sundays clash with Manchester City on Sky Sports 1HD.And he said: Its a good point, because we come from Spain and empty stadiums. Our feeling is to keep the full stadium. The supporters are very important and I think Tottenham are very sensible about that. Mauricio Pochettino discusses his sides chances of winning the Premier League Also See: Spurs video Spurs fixtures Spurs stats Get free £10 bet Yeezy Boost 350 a Vendre . -- Matt Ryan needed one of the best games of his career to lead the Falcons and their depleted offence out of their three-game losing streak last week. Yeezy 350 Pas Cher . MORITZ, Switzerland -- Fog prevented downhill racers from getting their Olympic dress rehearsal. . -- The plastic that was taped across the lockers in Oaklands clubhouse came down and the champagne that was on ice went back into the cooler. Chaussure Yeezy 350 Pas Cher . - Oakland Raiders running back Rashad Jennings was speaking to a group of local high school students earlier this week when the conversation turned to the importance of being prepared when opportunities in life arise. Yeezy Boost 350 Pas Cher . At a news conference Tuesday where it was thought that the fiery Schallibaum may be shown the door after a dismal finish to the Major League Soccer season, team president Joey Saputo said no decision has been made on whether the Swiss Volcano will be back in 2014. In November, espnWs weekly essay series will focus on giving.I first heard of Chinese Olympic swimmer Fu Yuanhui when someone on Facebook posted an article about her with the caption: I want to be her best friend. I winced and moved on. For days, I did not click on the link, until I saw even more people posting about her -- always with the same words. Shes amazing. I love her. Too real.Oh, no, I thought. Oh no. I knew exactly where this was going. But I clicked anyway.When I was in elementary school, I was the only Asian in my grade. On the playground, my classmates pretended to be Chinese, saying things like ching-chong-chaw and doing kung-fu. At my desk, I seethed but could not explain why -- only that it came from some deep feeling that my classmates were pretending to be Chinese the way kids pretend to be aliens or superheroes.One afternoon, my classmates had gathered around me, fascinated by my eyes. Theyre different, one of them announced, and then they all stepped in closer. I wondered if I had became a caricature by being fully Asian and half-Chinese.When I grew older, the narrative changed. After college, I spent some time studying Chinese in China, in an attempt to understand my mothers culture. The majority of my male classmates had arrived on a different quest: They wanted a girlfriend.Chinese women are beautiful, one of my classmates told me. He handed me his phone. The contacts list was filled with the names of women hed met clubbing. The album was packed with photographs of him wrapped around each of the women hed met, their faces green and silver from the flashing lights of the clubs.I cant speak the language, I hate the food here and I miss my family, he told me as he swiped through each picture so quickly the faces blurred together, but Im not going home until I get a girlfriend.Theyre different from American women, my apartment mate explained when I asked him about the allure. Theyre more feminine and more submissive. Perfect wife material.Chinese women had evolved to mean sexy. I couldnt decide if that was better or worse. Really, it was just about the same as being a caricature, but now served with a side of submission and breaasts.ddddddddddddith all of that in mind, I read all the stories and watched interviews of Fu Yuanhui, expecting a celebrity swimmer who was polite and poster beautiful.The unexpected happened: I too fell in love. I, too, wanted Fu Yuanhui to be my best friend. She wasnt poster-pretty. She was something far better: She was human.When Fu Yuanhui heard shed come in third at the 100-meter backstroke finals at the Rio Olympics, she gasped for air, stuttered and then mangled her lanyard from the sheer joy of winning. Her bubbling, over-the-top delight with life was infectious. In the photographs, while other athletes posed for the camera, smiles frozen in place, she clutched her medal mouth open in a silent roar of happiness. She made faces, grinned maniacally.The moment I truly fell for her was during the womens 4x100-meter medley relay when she emerged from the pool doubled over in pain. Her period left her feeling weak, she told the reporter, and she didnt swim her best. Then, she apologized for her performance and moved on.Never mind the cultural taboo that exists around periods, particularly in China, where tampons are hard to come by. Never mind the cultural taboos about periods that exist around the world. Fu Yuanhui swam in pain; she felt like she underperformed; she apologized; and that was all simply all there was to it.Fu Yuanhui didnt give us pretty, she gave us joy so fierce you could feel its power blasting through the camera lens. She didnt give us pitch-perfect celebrity-speak molded to showcase her best self to the press. She gave us herself, her incandescent happiness, her earthly pain.She showed us its possible to be loved by the world for simply being yourself. And for this, we loved her, for this we continue to love her: Fu Yuanhui, champion swimmer, champion human.Shalene Gupta is currently working on a novel about growing up Chinese-Indian in Minnesota. A former Fortune reporter, with an M.S. from Columbia Journalism School, she is currently a freelance writer living in Boston. 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