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The cancellation of Sunday nights Hall of Fame Game?because of poor field conditions is a terrible look for the NFL. Little-league stuff, really. And I get it, too, with players describing parts of the field as cement. That always has been an issue in Canton, Ohio, even going back to the two games I played there during my pro career on the old school AstroTurf. Rock hard. And nasty. It tore up your body.While the discussion Sunday most likely will focus on whos to blame and player safety, however, lets not forget about the important game reps that were just lost. Thats something I wrote about over the weekend.These?live?reps in August? Not a big deal for established vets. But for the rookies, the bubble guys and the journeymen trying to win a job in the NFL? Those are gold. And every play is graded. Offense, defense, special teams. Go make some plays. Earn some more reps in practice. Maybe you get bumped up a notch on the depth chart. A lot of possibilities there. And every team in the league is watching, too.This game? It was supposed to be an audition, an interview for those guys.Hey, playing in the Hall of Fame Game with the St. Louis Rams during my second pro season in 2001 helped me make the team. It was an opportunity to get a ton of reps in the second half for new defensive coordinator Lovie Smith. And many other players have the same story. Former running back Phillip Tanner mentioned it on?Twitter on Sunday night. He rushed for 59 yards on 10 carries and had a touchdown in the 2013 Hall of Fame Game.Think about that for a minute, and just take a look at the quarterback situation in Green Bay. With Aaron Rodgers and backup?Brett Hundley?not planning to play Sunday night, coach Mike McCarthy was going to give the snaps?to Joe Callahan. Hes an undrafted free agent out of Wesley College in Dover, Delaware. You think he needed those reps? Man, what a missed opportunity for a rookie to run the offense, sling the ball around and start putting together a resume in the league. Maybe the young quarterback?has family at the stadium, too. They have to hit?the road without seeing Callahan play.I understand how vets feel about this thing. As a starting safety for the Washington Redskins during the 2004 Hall of Fame Game, I wanted to get my reps in and go home. Stay healthy, execute the call and get back on the plane.But those young cats who?need every possible chance to make a team? They lost tonight. And the league looks absolutely ridiculous because of it.Swell Water Bottle Australia . Only three players drafted by NHL clubs were included on the Czech selection camp roster on Wednesday. Those players were Dallas Stars 2012 first-rounder Radek Faksa, Winnipeg Jets 2013 fourth-rounder Jan Kostalek and Phoenix Coyotes 2012 seventh-rounder Marek Langhamer. sWell Bottle Wood Australia . Houston won 3-0 to advance to face New York in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Last in the game, Di Vaio and Romero got into a shoving match with several Houston players. Romero appeared to elbow and kick Houston defender Kofi Sarkodie. .Y. -- Knicks coach Mike Woodson said Wednesday that J. Cheap Swell Bottles Australia . Francis told several hundred members of the European Olympic Committees that when sport "is considered only in economic terms and consequently for victory at every cost . Swell Liberty London Bottle . -- Timbers coach Caleb Porter didnt stray from his business-like approach to the season even after Portland downed the two-time defending league champion Los Angeles Galaxy to gain crucial playoff position.And then there were eight. The long road to the Hearthstone World Championship has ended, with eight competitors surviving the grueling thinning-out process, facing tougher odds to survive than a character in a teen slasher movie.Jason Jasonzhou ZhouJasonzhous path to the final eight consisted of two close wins in Group A, considered the toughest bracket based on the names involved. Not only did he topple the favorite, Thijs Thijs Molendijk, in his first game, he also defeated the Americas Spring champion, Julien Cydonia Perrault to be the 2-0 advancee in the bracket.As a noted Control Warrior player, Jasonzhou certainly hasnt passed up bringing a Warrior deck, this time going with a heavy Dragon Warrior that includes Deathwing and The Curator. Also coming for the tourney is a fairly traditional Shaman build with Harrison Jones as a card-drawing tech choice, a possible indication that hes going to avoid banning Shaman in his games, using Harrison to deal with the troublesome Spirit Claw.Rounding out Jasonzhous lineup is a fairly traditional Miracle Rogue, Discolock with the Young Priestess choice, and a Malygos Druid that still retains the nerfed Yogg-Saron.Zhuo Hamster WangFacing off against Jasonzhou in the first round of the quarterfinals is Chinas Hamster, who survived the bottom of the bracket, knocking Hao Bbgungun Li out of the tournament in the final set of games last Sunday.Hamster made some unusual -- and for this analyst, exciting -- choices in the round of 16, playing the only Priest and Paladin decks of this stage of the tournament. Hamster is again bringing those decks, a Priest with two Doomsayers, hopefully drawn early to keep from falling too far behind in the initial turns, and the bursty Anyfin Paladin.Also coming along is a Ramp/Token Druid, not only eschewing Yogg-Saron that is no longer a must-include, but also not bringing Malygos, which has become a common feature in the standard Druid deck of the moment. While there are lots of spells and the Arcane Giants to go along with it, there are two Ancients of Wars, indicating the desire to build a very strong board as his win condition rather than the unavailable Malygos shenanigans.CThun Warrior and a standard Midrange Shaman deck finish up Hamsters lineup.William Amnesiac BartonDescribed fairly as a prodigy as one of the youngest top competitors in Hearthstone, 2016 was really Amnesiacs breakout year and he almost coasted his way through the final 16 with two fairly easy matchups.Amnesiacs going for the tried-and-true, but choosing to not bring a Warrior deck, going with Midrange Shaman, Malygos Druid, Tempo Mage, Midrange Hunter and Discolock. The Shaman deck included the tech choice of Kobold Geomancer, in order to have another early spell damage minion that can activate Spirit Claws. In Druid, theres Baron Geddon, who can decimate Shamans totems and stealthed Cat Trick minions.For Hunter, while Amnesiac is playing the Cloaked Huntress, its still more of a Midrange build, only going with the two Freezing Traps (Huntress is a 3/4 minion which is fine in itself). Stranglethorn Tiger is included, one of my favorite choices in Midrange Hunter builds, simply because its a terrific Kill Command activator in this meta and going against very few Doomsayers, is harder to remove on that first turn than the Savannah Highmane, in a lot of situations.Pavel Pavel BeltukovNot every player that makes a major mistake in a high-pressure game gets the opportunity to redeem themselves, but Pavel does. Eliminated in the European World Championship in 2015 and missing BlizzCon after a play order miistake that resulted in Adrian Lifecoach Koy stealing his Dr.dddddddddddd. Boom with a Sylvanas Windrunner, Pavels getting that second chance this year.Like Hamster, Pavels bringing a heavy CThun Warrior deck (as opposed to the lighter, cycle CThun that was played a few months ago). Gorehowl is in the build and two Brawls as well to deal with faster decks, so Pavels not likely to be banning Druid or Warrior.For Rogue, Pavels going with the Malygos Rogue, a Miracle-type deck that uses Thaurissan-reduced magic spells rather than Leeroy Jenkins for the final burst. Tempo Mage and the Yogg-Saron-and-Malygos themed Druid deck complete Pavels lineup.Kim Cheonsu CheonsuThe round of 16 was a tough-time for players of the Asia-Pacific region, with only Cheonsu advancing of the four participants (China is a separate region from Asia-Pacific in Hearthstone).Cheonsus five-deck slate consists of Discolock, Midrange Shaman, Dragon Warrior, Malygos Druid (no Yogg-Saron) and Tempo Mage. While the deck order is familiar, Cheonsus tinkered with some of his choices, with some interesting ideas like playing Demonfire in Discolock, a reach/board card that is almost never seen in tournament play. Gone from the round of 16 is his Secret Hunter, a powerful deck that can sometimes run out of steam after a big Secret turn.Julien Cydonia PerraultWhere other players have either cut Secret Hunter for Discolock or backed off the secrets package somewhat, Cydonias going all-in with his Hunter, going with the full slate of secrets. Cydonias Hunter is even going a little more aggressive, swapping out the Deadly Shot for an Argent Horserider, the latter common in more face-oriented builds.The rest of Cydonias lineup stays the same as the round of 16, and given that he had the second-best record in last weeks games, behind only Amnesiac, its hard to blame him for not tinkering with success.Edwin HotMEOWTH CookHotMEOWTHs deckbuilding in the Americas Summer championship was a real treat, featuring some distinct choices such as Lance Carrier in Zoolock that really spiced up the tournament games. The BlizzCon finals are no different, with HotMEOWTH going way out of the box, eschewing all the common Warrior archetypes and going with a highly unusual Patron Warrior build. This isnt the Patron Warrior deck you remember from 2015 or even the modified post-Warsong Commander nerf list, but one featuring Bloodmage Thalnos, Blood Warriors, Wild Pyromancer and Commanding Shout. Patron Warriors lack of charge ability due to the loss of Warsong means it wont suddenly hit you for 60 damage out of the blue, but literally nobody is teching in for this particular deck. Hopefully for the viewers, it wont simply be banned all weekend as a result!HotMEOWTH is also choosing similar tech to Amnesiac, bringing Baron Geddon in his Malygos Druid and Kobold Geomancer with Shaman.Artem DrHippi KravetsUkraines DrHippi had a terrific 2016, not only winning the European Summer championship, but also collecting a cool $15,000 as the runner-up in the European Winter championship, another $5,000 in the Starladder Series, and joining Virtus.Pros new Hearthstone division.DrHippis Dragon Warrior is a more tempo-heavy version, featuring Malkorok, a card that we saw in Tempo Warrior before Dragon Warrior took over its spot in the meta. With a Tempo Mage deck with two Water Elemental and an Argent Horserider in his Midrange Shaman, DrHippi looks to deal directly with minion-based board control. ' ' '

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