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Perhaps, because of the birth in the countryside, although I have been in this big city for more than ten years, I just don't know how to talk to women. I always think that if you love a woman, you should love it with your heart. In the age when everything can be faked, only a heart with blood can not be faked! When I enter the age of love, I don't know what love is? No woman is willing to fall in love with me; when I got married Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I just started on the road of love. I don't know what is going on, love is talking again and again, that is, no one can get through. I asked all the girls who have been in love with me. Is it not good for me? They all said in unison: You are a good man, you don't know that it is bad for a woman, if it is bad for a woman, then it is better! I said: How can I be bad? The girl listened, all the pink and tender blushes ran like a big apple, leaving me alone, for a while, somehow, I finally understood, knowing how to break down. When a girl falls in love and talks about a certain distance, she should say some sweet words from time to time; when the feeling develops to a certain depth, she should give her a warm, sweet kiss; if she says no, she must be more bold and enthusiastic. . Women believe that kisses are affectionate and enthusiastic. But when I am in love, I always keep the proper distance. I am neither affectionate nor enthusiastic. I should be lonely. So, I swear in my heart, there is another girl who is willing to fall in love with me, I must be more affectionate, warmer, and quick-fix. Unexpectedly, love really happened like this. It took me less than three months to realize my marriage with my wife. I didn��t spend the day before Newport Cigarettes, no affection and warmth, and no exchange of kisses. After the marriage, my wife frequently filed a debt with me and asked me to say to her: "I love you!" I want to kiss her. I said: "I love you," is a kiss so important to you? The wife said: You said it, you said that you really love me! I said: Do I not love you now? Is it only "I love you" and "kiss" to show that I love you? My wife is speechless one day, I saw this paragraph in a book: People! The first kiss is strong, the second kiss is pleading, the third kiss is requested, the fourth kiss is unrecognizable, the fifth kiss is endurable, and the sixth kiss is like Do you have to work as an attendance after work? After I read it, I also read it with my wife. After waiting for the wife to finish reading, I said: You want me to give you a kiss, just like going to work and attending work attendance, can't you fight? I don't want my kiss for you, with a hint of falsehood! My wife kept silent. For a long time after that, my wife no longer asked questions like "I love you" and "kiss". My mood was calmer, and I seriously examined my love for my wife. depth. My heart tells me that I really love her, my son is the best proof! With this feeling, everything has become much more natural. When I was intimate with my wife, I couldn't help but kiss her. After a kiss, my wife was already bursting into tears. As I kissed her tears, I listened to my wife and muttered: Kiss, I feel the happiness of marriage and the sincere joy from life. I only hope that in the mutual kiss, we will finish our long life.
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