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At night, a glimmer

At night, a glimmer of light shone through the window and quietly sprinkled on the old drawer countertop. I curiously walked to the window, opened the half-covered curtains, and hung the moon at the top of the window. She was bright, quiet and dazzling. Oh, what is the year and month of the game! Is it a few days at home to let me forget that life is moving forward, or is the leisure time in my hometown eliminate the cumbersome impression? Maybe. Gently sitting on the wooden bed that has been away for many years, a slight sideways, it will ring the sound of oh, it is so far and familiar. The small tea oil lamp on the side of the bed is still there, but it is not used for many years. It is like an immortal Buddha statue. It witnesses the mother who sleeps at night before bed, and the cover is covered. Work hard. Witness the whisper in my dreams. The body is covered with cotton spinning prepared by my mother. It is thick and warm. In the summer nights of the hometown, there is often a mountain breeze, and it is a bit more cool. The mother burned a bowl of sugar ginger and drank it and then lay down. When the hour was cold, the mother was so cared for. Now the mother is full of white hair and vicissitudes, her back is also camel, and she is often dizzy. Looking at her body after the illness, she walked out of the door, the pace was so slow, the body was very thin, and the black earthen cloth that was many years ago was not wrinkled, and the mother was reluctant to change. The mother is old. Thinking about my own negligence over the years, I feel very guilty and can't help but burst into tears. Mother, she still treats me as a child. Padded with the cottonseed pillow that she had made for me ten years ago, I used to sleep peacefully, but it was difficult to sleep night tonight, quietly. My thoughts returned to my childhood and returned to the days of being insane and uncontrollable behind my mother. Back to the frustration in the lush years. Night, very quiet and quiet. Only dreams and thoughts are walking. The one who walked on the country road with her small bag alone was so carefree, pulling the swaying sage of the roadside, and rolling it into a playful look, smug. In the summer, the corn cobs in the fields are always delicious food, and it is the happiest thing to have a few sticks with the partners and get together to ignite the fire to roast corn cobs. I always think of myself as a flying, running all day in the wild, until the sunset, the mother's shouts are still echoing in my ears, but the innocent teenagers regard it as the wind. The vicissitudes of life are running on that small path, and loneliness is accompanied by growth. Until one day, the girl in the same class left me, and the mother put down her life and pulled me back from their house, and taught me a meal. I went to the school and pleaded with the teacher. I watched my mother��s hard work for my desperate sweat, and I was so flustered that I finally softened my heart and cried. That alone love, let me remember for many years; how many times of confession, turned into sleepless sleep tonight. Suddenly I heard the baby crying, crying louder and louder, hysterically breaking through the night sky of the mountain village, and then came the baby's mother's low embarrassment. Whose children are repeating my yesterday, tormenting the mother who worked hard for life during the day! He slammed my heart Newport 100S, how many fathers and mothers had overwhelmed the backbone of the mother in the age of hunger, the mother shouldered the burden of the whole family, earned time in the production team during the day, and returned with a back The heavy firewood, the waist, while holding my one-year-old sister. At that time, earning a job was more labor-intensive. When the mother started work, the mother took her sister out of her arms and placed her sister in a shaded place under Tian Hao. The captain said that the mother had inconvenience with the children, in order to divide the work on the spot, and wait until others completed the task. After that, the mother was still running behind, but despite this, the production captain gave less work than others, and the mother did not blame anyone in front of us. Since we are still small, we will not cook rice, and the mother will come back and cook for us. Boiled is a pot of yellow corn porridge mixed with a wormwood and some raw salt of the same size as corn granules. This is the dinner of our family. When the meal was not enough, the production captain called work. In those days, when I arrived in the dark, I went to the village and looked forward to the mother returning to work Marlboro Gold, but the mother had to come back very late. When the mother came back and cooked the meal for us to eat, she was busy feeding the pig and sewing. I have been unable to rest until eleven o'clock in the evening. I can't eat enough, and my mother is so hard to survive twenty spring and autumn. Finally, on that day of the year, I vigorously put on the sac, shouldered the responsibility, and embarked on the road to the distance. My mother��s long-awaited eyes have been with me all the time, but I have been unable to cross the mother��s river. How much bitterness she has washed away, how much effort has been injected into me. As a result, I have long been worried about my own negligence. How cruel, it took away the mother's beautiful years and urged us to grow, but regardless of the hardships. The knives of life have imprinted countless scars on the mother's face, and are deeply engraved in my heart. The marks of these years make people feel desolate and lonely. And I also walked through youth without knowing it. I couldn't stand the long night's torment, I got up and walked to the balcony in front of the door, and the curved moon was still moving through the clouds in the west. The clouds in my hometown were white. It is wrapped in bright moonlight, and the afterglow that still radiates is still scattered in the fields of the mountains. Looking at it, the silhouette of a mountain standing in the distance is such a stalwart in the night. The plains of the plains are like purple inks dotted in the pictures. They are set in the gray field, and the other side of the field is another village. At this time, the lights are faintly visible, and there is some loneliness and doubt in the background of the night! In fact, the night in my hometown is beautiful. The scenery in my hometown is very beautiful. My mother is not sick this time. How long will it take me to come back to see her?
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