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The sky in the west is red and bloody, and the smashing clouds are sinking and sinking in the bloody sky. The shadow of the burning sun is about to merge into the infinite depth and gentle light and shadow Marlboro Lights. The sunset is slow, the delay is not falling, and the last radiant glow is filled with the heavens and the earth. I still remember the impression when I saw this scene. The duckweed floating in the wind and rain suddenly found a convert. Then, I burst into tears. All feelings slowly precipitate and precipitate at this moment. Under this piece of heaven, the heart has been temporarily relieved: nothing can be thought of at this moment, and everything can be thought of. You don't have to think about why fate is unfair to you. You don't have to think about today's test for tomorrow's exams. You don't have to think about when the top of the mountain will rise to the top. When is the flood of seas? Nothing to think about, this vast sky can accommodate all your thoughts, all the troubles. So let the blank thoughts to see the black hand of fate, think about the value of life, the meaning of death. Thoughts linger in the meaning of life and death, then, I am confused, I lost the answer in the fog of fate. Then raise the head again, the bloody sun once again impacted my thoughts, I seem to hear it muttering to himself: life, the interpretation of the glory of life; death, the next cycle of the wonderful. Is there another reincarnation? I meditate that today's sunset is the sun of tomorrow, and there is no answer for people to have the next cycle Cheap Cigarettes. No one can explain the fate. Maybe there! Maybe not! But it is not important. What matters is that in this life, how can I live like a spring flower, and die like a summer insect. This may be the true meaning of life! But who can really do it? Can I do it, but the sunset is done, it burns Carton Of Cigarettes, but it casts the glory of the sun. At the end of life, it is still shining, reflecting the soft sunset, quietly setting the mountain, quietly, without a little sound. Then, the night is coming, the moon is empty, the silver glow blew me under the vast stars, looking at the stars, I remembered the radiance of the sunset, and I was half-baked like blood. I walked on the river surface of the gold, slowly disappeared, and slowly disappeared. I repeatedly chewed this sentence--sheng, the interpretation of the glory of life; When you die, you will be fascinated by the next cycle of reincarnation - repeated chewing, the heart seems to have understood the answer, I stand quietly, as if I saw the sunset.
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