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I vaguely remember that you said that when I was with you, I was so crazy that I was happy for a long time. Regarding friendship, I think that is a lifelong thing. I used to hide in the bed together, listen to each other's thoughts, and the endless feelings are the sweet mood; once together because of the movie, all night long, the endless love is the crazy joy; once riding a red bicycle, together with the clouds Strolling around, the fun is the sweetness when we are close to each other Cheap Cigarettes, when we are young and young. The days go by, and the ages grow year after year. There were fewer calls and the feelings were lighter. The two people who had been in the toilet together were met again Newport Cigarettes Coupons. It was just a light greeting. Now that one person is walking, a person grows alone and is very tired. What slips away is the imprint of that time, but the cruelty of life. People, it is a kind of weird higher animal. The current one does not know how to cherish it. If you lose the rear, you will know that you have the valuable entanglement in the past whirlpool and cry. I have also fantasized that it continues as it has in the past. When I woke up, I was divided into two parts------Cut seems to be still yesterday, but everything has already gone far. The sky is a transparent and sad blue, like a child with a bare wound, and has no heart and lung pain. Occasionally, a few clouds slowly walked through, silently. The sun is still rising east and west, the sun and the moon are still changing day and night, sending away the hot summer, and the sad autumn is coming. Nature tells an unchanging truth in its own way �C life continues. Dust seals for the memories of the past, suddenly look back - yes, we used to be so naive, once so naive, together with fantasy, lost, hope, and disappointed. Growing up is a sad river. The scenery on both sides of the river is very bright. In the long years, the flowers bloomed, the flowers fell, the wind came, and the wind went. At that time, the light never went back, and the dream was fragmented, hoping to vanish. In the past, in the forgotten corners of the past, the vows also gradually lost their thoughts, turned into a string of soap bubbles flying in the sun, smashed and disappeared, only the past is gently whispering, gently whispering. Time is that acquaintances become strangers and strangers become acquaintances. If one day, we happen to meet again, will we stop and think carefully? Maybe we will forget each other, but we are strangers who pass by Marlboro Cigarettes. I once had the beauty of the moment and the short-lived release, because at that time we were young and most loved Pu Shu's "The Flowers": Some stories have not finished yet, forget it. Those moods are already difficult to distinguish between true and false in the years. There are no flowers here today. Fortunately, I used to have your spring and winter and winter and summer.
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